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Total Cyber Security Provider “TERUTEN”

Essential selection for Security Monitoring process standardization / Automation! SOCPlus

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SOC(Security Operation Center)Plus is the integrated security solution
which provides secured customer work process and security information sharing system by standardizing all security process.

Admin/Info management,statistics -> Dashboard/Report/Process -> Security Manager/E-MAIL/SNSsharing, diffusion & Log info/system state - F/W, Traffic, IPS/IDW, ETC
Why SOCPlus

Needs for integrated, intuitive response system to increased cyber threat

Expected Effects
Standard, systemic security operation Security info and Security operation Related Knowledge DB set up - Increased security operation efficiency - Proper, quick response to security threat - Security threat reduction, vaccination business expansion - Easy interface to analyze and response to threat - Enterprise security level increase expected through invigoration of security threat information sharing
Main Function
  • 대시보드


  • 관제포털 운영관리

    Integrated operation

  • 업무별 권한관리 제공


  • 메일/SMS 연계


  • 보고서 기능


  • Dashboard : Possible to confirm security stateand web based

  • Integrated operation : Providing elaborate security operation, based on target

  • Administration : Organized work system through separating the authority by the process

  • Mail/SMS : Possible to report the working process through link with messaging system

  • Report System : Operation related reports provided

Major Clients

SOCPLUS is used in major corporations and financial corporations as the core solution of security operation.

  • 사이버 경찰청
  • NPS 국민연금
  • NAQS
  • 교육부
  • 한국지역난방공사
  • 금융결제원
  • NCIA 정부통합전산센터
  • 국가사이버안전센터
  • MG 새마을금고
  • 신한금융그룹
  • 하나금융그룹
  • KT
  • SK Telecom
  • 서울특별시
  • 한국지역정보개발원
  • 인천광역시교육청
  • 교보생명
  • 삼성