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Multimedia Security

Total Cyber Security Provider “TERUTEN”

Mobile&PC Multimedia DRM T-MediaDRM

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Teruten T-MediaDRM is "the multimedia contents security solution” which prevents the illegal reproduction of multimedia and protects multimedia’s copyright.
Supporting for both Mobile and PC, T-MediaDRM provides the functions such as anti-screen capture, water mark and etc. to protect the media’s contents.

Why T-MediaDRM

In recent, there is on the increase to watch the media by smart phone, tablet PC and PC. So, the method to illegally spill it becomes diversified.
To prevent the illegal contents distribution and protect the copyright, it is the answer to apply Teruten T-MediaDRM.
Teruten T-MediaDRM can be applied in the charged media contents service like music, media and movie.

Function and Features
  • Encryption



  • Download/Streaming

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  • Decryption/Playback





Encryption / Decryption

Media contents’ Prepackaging / Real-Time encryption

Contents decryption

Download and Playback


Player provided

Mobile application production

Contents Security

Anti-screen capture, HDMI control, watermark and etc.

Security Policy Setting

Policy setting for playback devices, duration and the number of playback

CMS linkage

CCTV Media Export Solution T-MediaDRM CCTV

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Teruten T-MediaDRM CCTV is “CCTV media export solution” which prevents illegal distribution When CCTV media was exported, After saving encoded CCTV media in external hard drive, if policy is set; it is impossible to playback CCTV contends after license is terminated.
Furthermore T-MediaDRM CCTV provides watermark, masking process for privacy protection and admin page based on web.


With CCTV application increase, the threat of personal information leakage is on increase.

- As CCTV becomes crucial to pursue criminal when accident happens, the installation of CCTV is increased centrally on the area which has many floating population - In recent, CCTV is applied for various object: hospital operating room, pharmacy dispensary, school, traffic affair, social safety network, and customers behavior pattern in market But! 1. The possibility to conduct wrong investigation because media forgery in CCTV 2. Personal information spill when CCTV media is leaked 3. Infringement on individual privacy if masking is not processed in the exported media
Function and Features
1.Export request - Exporting device selection - Exporting media selection 2.CCTV media encoding - Encryption - Policy setting (license policy, watermark and etc.) 3.The media export - Media decoding and reading - Media destruction by policy 4.Media Information Management - Exporting history inquiry - Statistics function - Management register
Media Encoding

CCTV media encoding after export approval

Encryption with AES256 bit, TEA encoding algorithm

Policy Setting for Media
/ Watermark

Policy setting for export media license: duration, number and etc.

Providing watermark for media security

Performing on/off line DRM function

Data Leakage Prevention

Prevention of media manipulation

Prohibition on use when license is terminated

Able to identify media’s source by watermark

Privacy Masking

Privacy masking in specific area to secure individual privacy

Media Information Management

Export management register based on web (Request, Approval, Export)

Providing the statistics and export history inquiry