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Mobile app data leakage preventive-solution T-MCM

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T-MCM is the “data leakage preventive-solution for mobile” only to prevent the illegal leakage of various types of data and contents provided by the mobile device.
And it can easily interlock with other application because it is provided a module.


With mobile usage grow, it is on the increase to work with mobile application and to use the charged contents service in App.
Thus the plan is required in order to prevent the leakage through mobile application.

[Increase of Mobile App Security Requirement] 1.Moblie Office - Internal documentation - Intranet - Client information 2.Mobile Finance - Client information - Mobile Application form - Payment & trade information 3.Mobile Entertainment - Contents like comic, photo - Media contents - Game 4. Mobile E-Learning - Educational e-book - Educational App - Medial lecture Increasing the security requirement for client info, finance info, charged service, and confidential info which are leaked through mobile App.
Function and Features
Prevention of Screen
Capture & Remote Access

Anti-screen capture for mobile

Remote connection detection

Detection of connection

Detection of external devices such HDMI, USB and etc.

Network connection detection

Network connection detected when application used

Detection of platform change

Detection of rooting and jailbreak

Support for various devices

Support for various mobile’s OS: Android, iOS, Windows

Strong point in B2C service because of the various device support